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The Magic of Horses

The healing power of horses never ceases to amaze me. Just being in their presence lowers your heartrate, slows your breathing and brings you to a place of mindfulness. I have found this true since I was little. The magic they share is one of the main reasons I love being around them so much. It's also a huge reason that I want to share their magic with everybody.

A few weeks ago my Aunt emailed me and asked if she could bring out a couple little girls. 'Of course!', I told her. And we set the date for last week for them to come out.

They pulled up to the barn and my Aunt, her friend, and two little girls hopped out of the car. "Horses! Horses! Horses!," the little 4 year old exclaimed. They were 4 and 6 and from the cities, never having been around horses before.

We went over some safety basics of being around the horses and using soft voices and quiet feet. The younger sister was having a hard time keeping her feet stuck to the ground, bobbing and hopping and squealing. We reminded her many times, but her excitement was evident!

I brought out Meiko and we brushed her and saddled her up. It took the girls a little bit to get used to this huge creature. The entire time, the older sister was quiet and did such a great job at following directions. She beamed when she got to sit atop Meiko and be led around the arena.

The younger sister watched while she climbed off and on the mounting block and kept asking when it was her turn to ride. She finally got her turn to climb onto the mounting block and climb onto Meiko.

This is where the magic began for her. I led her around the arena a couple of laps. She sat so quietly, not saying a word, but had the biggest grin on her face! Needless to say, she did NOT want to get off when her turn was over!

I didn't realize exactly how special that moment was until we brought Meiko back into the pasture. The girls were at the other end of the paddock looking at the other horses. That's when my Aunt told me the story of the little girls she brought out.

Their Dad had passed away and their Mom was not around because she had a bad addiction and couldn't get clean. My Aunt said that that was why the youngest was unable to settle herself down - her Mom used while pregnant and the little girl was born addicted. My Aunt's friend who was with them was their grandmother and had adopted these two little girls to care for them since their parent's were not around to do so.

THIS!! This magic right there is my why. Why it is my calling to share these magnificent creatures with everybody I can. They bring you to mindfulness. You HAVE to be mindful around them. You have to focus on your body when you are on them. And in doing so, it creates quiet. It creates peace.

The little girl who couldn't stand still nor stay quiet; suddenly that was all she could do. She melded with the horse she sat on and felt Meiko's calming energy. If even for that little bit, the little girl got to feel the magic of these magnificent creatures.

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