Helping you create a better partnership with your horse

Crystal's Equine Etiquette was created to help horse owners and riders to communicate more effectively with their equine partner. Through gentle training techniques and fun riding lessons, Crystal helps make riding and training enjoyable for all.
Having worked with horses for over 25 years, Crystal has experience working with a large variety of horses. Over the years she also worked in a variety of disciplines including Western trail riding, Dressage, Jumping, and Polo to name a few. 
She has been practicing Reiki since 2011, becoming Master Certified in 2012. Her sole purpose for learning Reiki was to help horses. Because they are so energetic, they respond very well to energy work. Although the horses are her passion, she also works on people and other animals.

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"Crystal is a genuine horse woman who can do it all. She is dedicated to understanding and working with each horse as an individual, building a relationship with the horse where growth can happen. She has been involved with all disciplines. Crystal has a deep love for horses and show them the highest quality of care. She has worked in a variety of equine settings and has built up a diverse skill set."

Vickie Tyler, Winterhaven Stables

"Crystal has joined the Pied Piper Team and we are very pleased to have her. Her skills fit beautifully with the way we take care of our horses. She is on time, pleasant, soft with the horses and a great organizer. Crystal, thank you for coming into our lives."

Cindy Piper, Wildwood Farms

"I have worked on several horse projects with Crystal Pollard and am impressed with her knowledge, care and handling of horses.  Crystal has a complete understanding of horse care, exercise and training in which she always places the horses needs first."

Bob Bilger, Horse Trainer and author, "Horse Training with Bilger"