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Judgement. We all do it. It's so easy to place judgement on people that we don't even realize we are doing it. Try and catch yourself next time you have a judgmental thought. I began doing this a few months ago and have noticed a huge difference in everything.

It's not just people we judge. As humans, we judge everything! The "bothersome" cat, the "hard to handle" horse, the "inconsiderate" person. What if, for a moment, you took away that judgmental adjective and just looked at the thing without judgment?

When I was 15, I worked in a tiny little restaurant in Northfield called The Ranch House. I was the hostess there. There was this old, Grey haired man who used to come in all the time and sit at the little breakfast counter. I used to chat with him a bit. One day he asked me a question that has repeated in my head since.

"Who are we to say that a frog is ugly?" he asked. "We are no better than that frog."

That little bit has been spinning around in my head since. We are all connected, we are all one. And when you begin to see that, and look at things as such, your world will change.

Who are we to judge anything? And why? Why do we need to? We don't! We all do things for a reason. The inconsiderate person that just cut you off may be rushing to see their loved one in the hospital. We don't know the circumstance. And it doesn't matter. It's not about us. Once we take out the judgement and see things as they are, our world becomes more peaceful.

Furthermore, when we attribute that to the horses, it will change everything. The horses is not being "disrespectful" or "sassy" when they are bucking or running or doing an undesired behavior. Once you take out the judgement and see things as they are, then you can start to get to the bottom of the issue. If the horse is not disrespectful or sassy, then what is causing them to do that thing I don't like? Is it pain? Is it something that I am doing?

All of this comes back to mindfulness practice. Little by little, when you begin to practice it, you will notice how much better your life improves around you.

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