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Horse Camp Scholarship 


Thanks to a couple very generous donors, we are able to offer 2 Summer Horse Camp Scholarships! The scholarships will each cover an entire week for 1 student to attend summer horse camp at Crystal's Equine Etiquette. They are available for families who do not have the finances to attend horse camp.

If you are interested in the scholarship, the child must apply for it explaining why they want to attend horse camp. Judges will then read every application and choose 2 lucky recipients. All applications must be submitted via email at or be brought to the barn by no later than May 1.

Scholarship Rules

  • The applicant needs to write the essay themselves, in their own words of why they feel they should be the recipient

  • They must include the applicants name, age, a contact's phone number and email

  • The essay should be at least a paragraph and no longer than a page

  • It can be hand written, typed or emailed as long as it's legible

  • Applicants must be between the ages of 8 and 17 and available the weeks of the camps

  • Applications for the scholarship can either be emailed to me at or can be brough to the barn

  • They must be turned in by no later than May 1

  • Winners will be chosen and announced Saturday, May 11 

Please reach out with any questions at the above email. All applications will be judged by a third party to offer an unbiased view. All applicants must be available for the chosen week. Winning applicants are non-refundable or transferable and are only applicable for applicant. Please look over riding rules and limits prior to applying. Have fun, we look forward to reading the applications!

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